New plans to bring the historic Heath Town Baths and Library back to life have been approved.

City of Wolverhampton Council Planning Committee today (Tuesday) gave the green light to the proposals put forward by the council’s preferred developer, Gaddu Associates.

It follows extensive community consultation by Gaddu Associates, who will fully refurbish the Grade II listed building for a mix of uses including a banqueting hall, day nursery, training and conference facilities and community spaces.

The Tudor Road site in Heath Town is recognised as a building of community value in the Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan - and the council is eager to see it put back into use to boost the area as a whole.

Now planning approval and listed building consent has been granted, Gaddu Associates will take a long lease of the site and will be solely responsible for it, the restoration of the building and future use as a venue.

They will shortly be in occupation of the former library under license while the lease is completed, meaning that part of the building will benefit from a permanent presence and provide increased security generally around the site.

Pavan Gaddu of Gaddu Associates said: “We are delighted to secure planning permission.

“We have worked with Heathfield Park Community Action Network and the council to understand the needs of local people and now we can look forward to putting the building back to its former place at the heart of the Heath Town community.

“Our plans involve the restoration of the whole building and will respect the historic and architectural importance and innovation which was shown at the time of its construction.”

The council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor Stephen Simkins, added: “The much loved Heath Town Baths and Library remain a priority for the Council and in particular the ward councillors.

“This is a major step towards bringing this historic building back into beneficial use for Heath Town and the wider city.

“The council recognises the importance of community assets such as this and we can now look forward to seeing Gaddu Associates make their vision a reality.”

The building, first opened in 1932, housed 2 swimming pools, a wash house and a library. It has been on the statutory list of buildings of architectural and historic importance since 2000.