City of Wolverhampton Council and city partners have put plans in place to develop a fully interactive website to offer residents, businesses, and providers improved access to skills, training and employment opportunities.

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'Wolverhampton Workbox' will act as a one stop hub, forming part of the wider Skills and Employment Action Plan to tackle unemployment in the city.

It will provide an intensive local support system which has not existed before in Wolverhampton, bringing closer working with other public services, including troubled families, youth offending, leaving care services, public health, mental health services and Wolverhampton Homes, to ensure more vulnerable residents and tenants are also given opportunities.

Workbox will provide flexible, tailored and customised provision to prepare people better for work and employers will contribute by designing bespoke training to ensure a larger proportion of people become job ready over time - creating a more reliable local labour supply.

The website is being co-designed with employers, residents, Connexions, Adult Education, schools, City of Wolverhampton College, University of Wolverhampton, Community Learning Platform, Department for Work and Pensions, and training providers.

Consultation has recently taken place with over 35 residents to help design the website and the council's Cabinet Resources Panel is tonight (Tuesday 1 November) set to approve funding for it, with a view to the website being launched later this year.

Councillor John Reynolds, Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: "Workbox will act as a 'front door' to information, advice and job opportunities.

"The council and its city partners developed an action plan following the recommendations of the Wolverhampton Skills and Employment Commission in September 2015 and this is 1 programme aimed at meeting the objectives laid down.

"Workbox will be designed around customer need, providing varying levels of service and support tailored to the need of the individual - some customers will simply need access to information while others will require face to face, longer term and tailored support.

  • released: Tuesday 1 November, 2016