City of Wolverhampton Council has been granted permission to serve on "persons unknown" to protect the City's green spaces.

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The City Council attended Birmingham High Court on Friday 6 July and successfully gained approval from His Honour Judge Cooke, to continue injunction proceedings against unauthorised traveller encampments and to bring notice of the application to the public's attention via a carefully written communications plan.

The City Council will attend a court hearing against "persons unknown" at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday 2 October at 10.30am where the injunction application will be considered. 

If granted, the injunction will give the Council the authorisation to evict travellers encamped on council sites more quickly and save taxpayers' money being spent on expensive court proceedings and excessive clean-up operations.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment at City of Wolverhampton Council said: "I'm pleased to hear the High Court has granted permission to make our case for us to try and protect our most vulnerable spaces against traveller encampments. 

"While legal proceedings are underway, we will be making it our priority to keep our residents updated throughout the process.

"We hope to gain an injunction across 60 sites across the city to protect our land and reduce the disruption unauthorised encampments cause."

Anyone wishing to contest the application must file at court (send by post, e-mail or hand delivery) to Birmingham High Court and serve (send by post or hand delivery) on the Council an Acknowledgment of Service by 4pm on 18 September, 2018 and should consider seeking independent legal advice.

To find out more about the injunction application and the 60 sites visit Type=articles;Articleid=12750;Title=News Articles; or call the City of Wolverhampton Council's Public Protection team on 01902 554548 or 01902 555183.

  • released: Wednesday 18 July, 2018