A Wolverhampton councillor and his wife are preparing to pull on their running shoes and complete a charity challenge in aid of the hospital which saved their little boy's life.

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Councillor Ian Angus will be completing the Stafford Half Marathon on Sunday (19 March) while Sandi will be tackling her first ever 10km run in Birmingham on 30 April.

In doing so, they hope to raise vital funds for the Cardiac Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital, which performed lifesaving open heart surgery on their son Joshua when he was barely 10 weeks old.

Councillor Angus, the Bushbury North councillor, said: "When Joshua was just 4 days old, we were told the devastating news that he had a life threating congenital heart defect that would require open heart surgery to fix.

"We then went through the most stressful time in our lives - we were caught up in the newborn fog that every new parent has to go through, which was made even more exhausting by the numerous visits to hospital. In our darkest moments, we'd snuggle Joshua and wonder if we'd get to see him grow up.

"At just 10 weeks old, he underwent a successful 5 hour procedure at Birmingham Children's Hospital. It was the toughest day of our lives but the care he received was exceptional and we now have a beautiful, bonny, healthy little boy who has every chance - if I get my way! - of playing for Wolves in the Premiership one day."

Sandi said: "We are so fortunate to have this wonderful, world class health service on our doorstep.

"We want to give something back and have been fundraising throughout the year for the Cardiac Unit. As #TeamJosh we're proud to have already raised over £1,500, but we hope to raise even more by tackling the Stafford half marathon and Birmingham 10k runs along with our wonderful family members, work colleagues and friends."

Their fundraising efforts are being supported by Councillor Angus' brother Jamie and colleagues from the City of Wolverhampton Council who will also be taking part in the Stafford Half Marathon, including Head of Planning Stephen Alexander, Voluntary Sector Coordinator Martha Cummings, Head of Healthier Place Richard Welch and Councillor Paul Sweet, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing.

Councillor Sweet said: "We're delighted to be able to support #TeamJosh and help Ian and Sandi raise vital funds for Birmingham Children's Hospital."

Anybody who would like to support the fundraising appeal can do so by visiting Type=links;Linkid=8204;Title=JustGiving Sandi Angus;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Tuesday 14 March, 2017