Two unique benches have been presented to pupils at Northwood Park Primary School following a fundraising drive by members of its Parents Association.

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The colourful "buddy benches" are designed for use by pupils at the Bushbury school when they need a friend to talk to. Other children or teachers will recognise this as a sign that the youngster wants help or support and come to talk with and support them.

Carol Winterbottom, Chair of Northwood Park Parents Association, said: "The Parents Association is an integral part of the school community and about much more than simply fundraising.

"We work hard to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of Northwood Park and are delighted to present these buddy benches to the school.

"The benches can be used at any time and for any reason - from seemingly trivial matters to more serious concerns - and will encourage pupils to ask for help when they are being troubled by something."

The buddy benches were unveiled at a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Barry Findlay on Monday (30 January, 2017).

He said: "The buddy benches are a wonderful idea which I am sure will be of great benefit to the pupils at Northwood Park Primary School. I would like to congratulate members of the Parents Association for their fundraising efforts and for their continuing support for their school."

  • released: Wednesday 1 February, 2017