Improvements in teaching and pupils' achievement are being driven at a "brisk pace" at a Wolverhampton school which has once again been rated Good by Ofsted.

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Inspectors visited Rakegate Primary School last month and found that leaders had a "clear vision for school improvement".

They said teaching was good, with staff setting high expectations of pupils' behaviour and the pupils themselves making good progress and achieving better standards.

Rakegate's youngest pupils are also benefitting, with inspectors finding "good evidence that more children currently in Reception are being well prepared for the next stage of their education".

Children are keen to share their work and their achievements, with the school creating "many opportunities to celebrate pupils' learning successes".

Pupils behave well, are courteous and polite and attend regularly. Parents "speak highly" of the Rakegate Close school and value the personalised support available to children and their families. There is a "strong, caring and nurturing culture across the school", with pupils "caring for each other and helping others".

Headteacher Sarah Horton and her team provide "strong, determined and effective leadership" and are "rigorous in monitoring the quality of teaching and learning" which is improving across the school. Sharply focused plans are in place to identify where improvements are needed, and there is "good capacity for continued improvement".

The curriculum at Rakegate Primary is "well planned" with topics which "motivate and inspire pupils", and first hand experiences, such as trips out and guest speakers, are used well to "extend and enrich" learning.

Governors are working in partnership with the leadership team to secure "rapid and continuous improvement in the school", and are holding leaders to account with greater rigour.

Mrs Horton said: "We are extremely proud of the children, parents, staff and governors of Rakegate who have worked very hard to secure the Good judgement.

"We are delighted the report celebrates the strengths of the school and the achievements of our pupils. Rakegate is a fantastic school to work and learn in. We will strive to improve further."

The City of Wolverhampton Council's Director of Education Meredith Teasdale added: "I would like to congratulate everyone at Rakegate Primary School on this positive report which shows that Sarah Horton and her team are driving through improvements at a brisk pace, addressing issues rapidly.

"Sarah has been a valued member of the council's New Headteachers programme as well as working closely with our School Improvement Team. In focusing efforts on raising standards still further, Rakegate Primary continues to be supported by being part of one of the school improvement networks within the City."

  • released: Friday 27 April, 2018