Nursery children at Wilkinson Primary School have raised over £500 to sponsor 3 guide dog puppies.

Type=image;ImageID=14931;ImageClass=left;ImageTitle=Children from Wilkinson Primary School with Flora the guide dog;TitleClass=strong;

Type=image;ImageID=14932;ImageClass=right;ImageTitle=£551.20 was raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind;TitleClass=strong;

They took part in a sponsored walk around the Good rated Bilston school's grounds, and collected £551.20 for the charity Guide Dogs.

The children have been looking at how different animals help people, watching videos and reading about animal charities, and as part of the project received a visit from Carol Trigg and her guide dog Flora - promoting them to launch their fundraising appeal.

Headteacher Christina Gibbon said: "Everyone at Wilkinson feel privileged to have met Carol and Flora. Hopefully the money raised will go a small way to support such an amazing charity."

Councillor Claire Darke, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Education, said: "It's great to see nursery children not only learning about the importance of guide dogs, but also completing a fundraiser which will help train up 3 guide dog puppies - well done to them all!"

  • released: Friday 23 March, 2018