City of Wolverhampton Council’s new housing allocations policy will come into force on 28 September, 2021.

Prior to the new policy going live, all applicants will have to re-apply to determine their eligibility to join the Housing Register.

The council has started the process of contacting all current applicants over the coming months to provide them with instructions on how to reapply so that their circumstances can be reassessed under the new policy. Until then all current applications are still valid, and no action is required.

The Council consulted with customers about changes to its housing allocations policy. The changes are designed to ensure that council homes in Wolverhampton are let to those in the greatest housing need.

All current housing applications will be closed after September 2021. 

Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said: “This is a crucial piece of work focusing on how we allocate our limited council housing stock.

“The consultation enabled people to have their say and addressed the challenges being experienced by residents, which is reflected in the new housing allocations policy.

“The Council remains committed to the objective of giving people in the greatest housing need the greatest opportunity to access suitable housing that best meets their needs.”

To find out more about housing options in the City of Wolverhampton please visit Housing Options.

To learn more about the new housing allocations policy head to Housing Allocations Policy.