City of Wolverhampton Council has put in place a new housing and homelessness support service model.

The service will continue to be delivered by long-standing partner and social inclusion charity, P3, and remains focused on dealing with people’s housing needs, delivering personalised support to enable people to get off the streets, maintaining tenancies and helping people remain in control of their housing needs.

The reorganised service is set up to recognise the many different needs of individuals and offer tailored support according to each person’s circumstances.

Emergency accommodation for three months is being offered to those in need in the first instance, followed by move-on accommodation where support is offered for up to six months. Once a person is ready to move into their own accommodation P3 can provide community-based support for a further six months.

The newly reorganised service has been designed to keep the person receiving support in control of their situation. They play an active part in all the plans and any actions taken, to ensure they receive the right level of support and can get on with life.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said: “The relaunch of this service builds on the sterling work P3 has been doing for years.

“The council continues to actively work with its partner agencies to find longer-term solutions for individuals. This is spearheaded by our housing and public health teams to provide rounded support for people with complex needs.

"We have also developed a ‘Rent with Confidence’ framework and approach which gives people information about the standard of and management of the private accommodation they move into, and also helps the council to identify suitable properties where people can feel secure about their future.”

A P3 client, who has spoken positively about the support he has received from the newly reorganised service, said: “I’m now receiving support for six months, my accommodation already feels like a home and the move here has had a very positive impact on my mental health and outlook. The fact that I know I’m in control but have access to support when I need it has really boosted my positivity. P3 provide really strong support and I know I can do this.”

P3 Head of Support and Community Services, Sam Bailey, added: “We work with people to help them exit the streets and sustain their accommodation. We work alongside people rebuilding their confidence, resilience and life skills; we work to enable people to fulfil their potential and lead happy lives.

“By seeing each person as an individual and offering bespoke support we enable people to take back control and maintain their own home.”