A unique contraption which went on show at the Great Exhibition of 1851 made a special appearance at Bantock House Museum yesterday (Tuesday 4 June, 2013).

The Aubin Lock Trophy, an ingenious mechanical display created by Wolverhampton lock maker Charles Aubin, could be said to resemble a wedding cake in its tiered construction.

It consists of 43 separate locks, each of which can be opened or closed individually with its own key or all together with a single lever arm. In total, Aubin used more than 3,000 parts to make the locks and their connecting mechanisms.

The trophy was loaned to the museum for 1 day only by Chubbsafes, part of the Gunnebo security group, to coincide with Bantock's exhibition All Locked Up, which charts the history of the local lock industry.

All Locked Up continues until Sunday 11 August, 2013. Entry to Bantock House Museum, which is open from 11am to 5pm, is free.

  • released: Wednesday 5 June, 2013