As pupils settle back into class following the summer holidays, parents in Wolverhampton are being reminded about the parking restrictions which are in place outside local schools.

While many pupils walk or cycle to school, more and more number of parents are driving their children there. This is adding to the problem of - and complaints about - inconsiderate parking outside local schools and posing an increasing danger to young pedestrians during the 'school run'.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: "The overriding priority outside our schools is ensuring the safety of children - and it goes without saying that parents who choose to take their children to and from school by car need to obey the parking restrictions in place, and consider alternatives where possible."

Yellow zigzag 'school keep clear' markings can be found outside most schools across the city. No vehicles, including those displaying a blue badge, are allowed to stop on these markings for any reason during the hours shown on the accompanying signs.

In addition, single and double yellow lines are present outside most schools. Waiting is not permitted at any time on double yellow lines, and not permitted on single yellow lines during the times stated on the accompanying signs.

Parking on the pavement or grass verge also poses a potential hazard to pedestrians and can result in enforcement action by West Midlands Police where there is an obstruction of the highway or the City of Wolverhampton Council where there are parking restrictions in place.

Blue badge holders can park for up to 3 hours on single or double yellow lines where there are no loading or unloading restrictions in place, and where their vehicle does not cause an obstruction. As always, the blue badge must be displayed and the clock set to the time of arrival.

Loading and unloading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb. Single yellow markings mean loading and unloading is prohibited during the times shown on the accompanying signs. Double yellow markings mean that no loading or unloading is allowed at any time.

As well as parking restrictions, a number of schemes are in operation in Wolverhampton designed to alleviate parking outside the school gates. They include the Safety Outside Schools Programme delivered by the council, police and West Midlands Fire Service which focuses on parking and road safety and encourages schools to hold patrols to educate parents about the dangers of inconsiderate parking.

The Safer Routes to School initiative has led to the installation of safety features around participating schools, while many schools have been supported to develop "park and stride" schemes whereby parents are given a rendezvous point away from school and encouraged to complete the journey on foot.

Bikeability cycle training is offered to all primary and secondary schools to give children the skills to cycle safely on the city's roads, and class visits by school crossing patrol wardens introduce pupils to the Green Cross Code.

Councillor Lynne Moran, Cabinet Member for Education, added: "While we would always encourage parents and children to walk to school, and also enjoy the health benefits that doing so brings, we understand that this is not always possible.

"For those parents who have to drive to school for whatever reason, they should make sure they are not causing a danger to children or other road users by parking in restricted areas outside schools, and also think about any ways they can - for instance parking around the corner and walking the rest of the way."

For further information regarding parking restrictions around schools please call the City of Wolverhampton Council on 01902 551155, email or visit Type=articles;Articleid=13093;Title=Parking Restrictions Around Schools;.

  • released: Friday 21 September, 2018