An increasing number of people in Wolverhampton are getting their flu vaccine this year – and people who haven't had their jabs yet are being urged to book theirs as soon as possible.

Latest data shows that 61% of people in Wolverhampton aged 65+ have already had their jab – compared to just 41% by this stage in 2018 – while uptake among other key groups including the under 65s and nursery aged children is up too.

Flu is a highly infectious disease which can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia and even death among the most vulnerable groups, who are once again eligible for a free flu jab through their GP or pharmacy. 

They include anyone aged 65 years old or over; pregnant women; people with certain medical conditions; people living in long stay care; health and social care staff and carers; anyone who lives with someone who was shielding from coronavirus; children over the age of 6 months with a long term health condition, and children aged 2 and 3. People who are not eligible for the free vaccination can still get theirs at many local pharmacies for a small charge. 

Meanwhile primary aged pupils and students in Year 7 are being vaccinated for free via a quick and painless nasal spray in school, and the award winning Flu Fighters campaign has returned to encourage young Wulfrunians to get protected.

Although England is currently subject to national Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, people can leave home for medical reasons – including having their flu vaccination.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “Millions of people get flu each winter. For most, it is just extremely unpleasant, but for those with long term health conditions it can prove incredibly dangerous – with many ending up in hospital with, or even dying from, influenza. 

“The vaccine is quick, safe and effective and it's good to see that an increasing number of people in Wolverhampton are choosing to have it this year. If you haven't had yours yet, please get it as soon as possible as flu season is almost upon us.

"I would also encourage people who are in contact with or who work with vulnerable people, including health and social care professionals and carers, to get vaccinated – not only to protect themselves but also to safeguard the people they care for."

To find out more, please visit Flu Vaccines.