People have already travelled more than one and a half times around the world in the first week of Wolverhampton's smash hit Beat the Street challenge.


The walking, cycling and running game is proving a massive success, with people across the city signing up to take part.

And within the first 7 days of the 7 week challenge, Wolverhampton has already completed a fantastic 40,000 miles - that's getting on for twice the circumference of the globe and a nearly a fifth of the way to the moon!

Nearly 14,500 people have signed up for the game, including pupils, parents and teachers at 72 local schools as well as a number of big employers including the City of Wolverhampton Council and around 30 community groups taking part, with players racking up the miles - and points - for their chosen organisation.

And with the game continuing until Wednesday 13 April, 2016, there's still plenty of time for people to join in the fun. To play, people need to register their free Beat the Street card - available now from a range of venues, including local libraries, leisure centres, community centres, the Civic Centre and Wolverhampton Art Gallery - and register online at Type=links;Linkid=6912;Title=Beat the Street;Target=_blank;.

Players then collect miles and points by swiping their card against 2 or more of the 200 Beat the Street Beat Boxes which have been erected on lampposts right across Wolverhampton, travelling between each on foot or bike.

Players can monitor their progress on line, and top scorers will be in the running for some great prizes, including  £1,000, £500 and £250 worth of Decathlon vouchers for the teams that record the most miles or the highest average per team member.

There are also regular "lucky tap" prizes which people can be in line to win simply by tapping their card against selected Beat Boxes - with one lucky family off to see Horrible Histories at the Grand Theatre after winning tickets by tapping the Beat Box outside the Lichfield Street theatre.

Councillor Sandra Samuels, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: "We are amazed at how the people of Wolverhampton have embraced Beat the Street and are getting so involved.

"We're just a week in to the game, but already we've walked, cycled and run an incredible 40,000 miles, which means we are well on course to reach the moon by the end of the seven week challenge - though we could end up deep into outer space at this rate!

"Beat the Street is a great motivator to get people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles to become more active - it brings together the whole community and makes physical activity fun.

"There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs, but most importantly of all, taking part makes us all that little bit fitter."

Anyone interested in taking part in Beat the Street should click onto Type=links;Linkid=6912;Title=Beat the Street;Target=_blank;, visit the Type=links;Linkid=6828;Title=Facebook page;Target=_blank; or follow Beat the Street on Type=links;Linkid=6829;Title=Twitter;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Wednesday 2 March, 2016