A memorial plaque has been unveiled on Moathouse Lane East shops in Wednesfield in honour of a popular member of the local community.

William ‘Bill’ Jones, who sadly passed away in January, aged 89, was a shopkeeper and business owner in the area between 1960 and 2008.

At different times over the decades Bill ran a wool shop, mini supermarket, cake and sweet shop, and an off license, with his wife, Winnie. He also served as a Governor at Moat House Primary School.

On Tuesday (13 December), Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, the Council’s Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, and Wednesfield South ward councillor, joined Bill’s widow and their family to unveil the plaque outside Tipplers & News LTD General Store, which used to be Bill’s shop.

Bill’s granddaughter, Amy Sharkey, said: “It’s not been a good year as grandma has also been unwell so the fact this has been made possible is wonderful.

“My grandad and grandma spent the majority of their lives in those shops and loved it. They made many friends and they always supported those in need when they were struggling to afford groceries.

“I grew up there with them both – me, my siblings and cousins were always in and out of grandad and grandma’s shop.

“Grandad was the best of the best; there’s no-one like him. He gave his all to the community and it’s great to see that recognised. I can’t tell you how proud he’d be to see this plaque – my grandma was lost for words.”

Councillor Gakhal added: “The Council own the building where Bill was a shopkeeper for decades and I’m delighted we have been able to facilitate this lasting tribute to him.

“As the plaque says, Bill was a pillar of the Wednesfield community, and it was an honour to join Winnie and their family to unveil it.”