The Mayor of Wolverhampton has an eye catching new website designed to raise the profile of the role and its rich history.

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Wolverhampton has had an unbroken line of Mayors since G. B. Thorneycroft became the first person to hold the office in 1848. Being made Mayor is the highest honour the city council can bestow on an elected councillor.

The Mayor is the first citizen and the Queen's representative in the city. The current Mayor is Councillor Ian Brookfield.

The new Type=articles;Articleid=1906;Title=website; contains fascinating information about the many treasures displayed in the Mayor's Parlour as well as information about the Mayor's charities and the events he attends throughout the year.

There is also information about how people can invite the Mayor to attend their events as well as a helpful protocol guide letting people know how they should address the Mayor.

The site even has a section for young people with a quiz and a downloadable colour-in city crest.

Councillor Ian Brookfield, Mayor of the City of Wolverhampton, said: "This wonderful new website really does justice to the grand history of this role that I am honoured to currently hold, but also well reflects the modern day duties I perform.

"I wanted to create this website to make the role of Mayor as accessible as possible to everyone. I wanted to show that the office is modern and relevant to people's lives now.

"We have put something on there for everyone - whether you want to know more about former Mayors or the wonderful artefacts we have on display in the Mayor's office.

"The new site is all part of modernising what we do and compliments my presence on social media well. If you are curious about what the Mayor does I would urge you to get online and visit the site."

The new website has been designed and created in house by the city council.

  • released: Tuesday 8 March, 2016