City of Wolverhampton Council is set to approve a Local Lettings Plan (LLP) for more than 500 new affordable rent council homes due to be built across the city by 2024.

The move is aimed at establishing stable local communities and is supported by the Allocations Policy Steering Group, which includes representation from Wolverhampton Homes and Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs).

The new plan will see priority given on 90% of the properties to existing council tenants registered on the housing transfer list, with the remaining 10% reserved for those on the emergency housing list.

Half of the homes for existing council tenants will be allocated based on tenants’ local connections to the area. This will apply to housing developments with over 5 council rented units and will be capped at 20 properties for any new build developments with more than 40 council rented units.

The plan has been recommended for approval at the next Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 10 July.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing, said: “This plan will allocate a proportion of new council homes to existing council tenants already living in these areas, helping to ensure stable communities are established in the long term.

“Tenants transferring to new homes will make available other properties for applicants on the housing register – therefore two applicants benefit from the development of each new-build council property.

“The city-wide LLP will help the council make best use of the limited supply of social and affordable housing becoming vacant each year by providing a simple, transparent priority system based on clear criteria.”

The LLP will not apply to some current development sites in the city – Heath Town Estate, Burton Crescent, Bilston Tennis Club, Land at Ettingshall Road and former Dale House - due to commitments made during initial community consultation.

Each of these sites will have an individual LLP following consultation with the relevant managing agent and ward councillors.

All housing types are eligible for letting under the plan, except for bungalows, 4 bedroom plus properties, ground floor flats and specialist/supported housing, which will be allocated in line with the council’s allocations policy.