A unique exhibition comes to an end at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Sunday 29 April.

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Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton is a reconfiguration of The Diaspora Pavilion, which inspired visitors in Venice last year.

The exhibition features work by 7 world class artists focusing on the theme of diaspora. The Diaspora Pavilion emerged from a desire to provide a platform for artists who explore the notion of diaspora in their art practice. Through inter cultural narratives and a variety of media, the exhibition presents diaspora as an ever present process with broad social and cultural implications across the UK and beyond.

In this restaged exhibition, the conversations started in Venice continue and shift within the new context of Wolverhampton as a historically significant city connected to the establishment of The Blk Art Group and the wider British Black Arts Movement.

Laura Page, Marketing Development Officer for Visitor Economy said, 'The exhibition has been well received in the City of Wolverhampton and we have seen visitors of all ages embrace the diverse, educational and inspiring work by these fantastic artists.

"We hope visitors in the coming days will take the chance to visit the gallery and explore this ground breaking work on show here at Wolverhampton."

The exhibition in Venice aimed to challenge the prevalence of the national pavilions that are at the heart of the Venice Biennale structure. The title of the exhibition is itself a contradiction - adopting the Biennale's term for a permanent national exhibition space yet demonstrating the continuing Diaspora. 

The artists who feature in the exhibition were the subject of a BBC documentary Venice Biennale: Britain's New Voices. In the programme they navigated the Venice Biennale discovering new inspirations in the historic city and facing the challenges of networking, VIP reviews and the all important critics' views on the opening night.

Admission to Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton is free and the Lichfield Street gallery's opening times are Monday to Saturday (10.30am to 4.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 4pm).

  • released: Monday 23 April, 2018