People are being encouraged to think about how alcohol affects them and their families as this year's Alcohol Awareness Week approaches.

The theme of this year's campaign, organised by the charity Alcohol Change and taking place from 11 to 17 November, is 'Alcohol and Me', with people encouraged to test their knowledge around the latest guidelines and the health impacts associated with alcohol. 

A quiz and an interactive body map will motivate people to think about the ways in which they drink, and to consider if it’s time to make a change. The campaign will also encourage people to get talking about alcohol and to start breaking down the shame and stigma that surrounds the subject.

Guidance on recommended limits of alcohol states that men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units a week – the equivalent of 6 pints of 4% beer or 6 glasses of 13% wine. Pregnant women should not drink at all. If people do drink, they should do so moderately over 3 or more days and that some days should be alcohol free.

John Denley, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Director of Public Health, said: "Many of us like to drink alcohol from time to time, but it is important that we do so in moderation.

“The guidelines make it clear that drinking any level of alcohol regularly carries a health risk for anyone, but if men and women limit their intake to no more than 14 units a week it keeps the risk of illness like cancer and liver disease low. The guidance also says that pregnant women should avoid alcohol entirely as a precaution.

“If you are concerned about your drinking, or that of a family member or friend, please take this opportunity to find out about the help and support which is available from organisations in Wolverhampton."

Anyone who is concerned about their, or someone else's drinking, can get information, and support by logging onto Drink Less, which offers a range of information and simple tips to help you cut down.

Wolverhampton's substance misuse service Recovery Near You can be contacted on 0300 200 2400 for adults and 0300 123 3360 for young people. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit Recovery Near You for more information.

Throughout the week Recovery Near You will be holding a range of information and advice sessions for the general public, including drop in sessions at the Wulfrun Centre on Tuesday (12 November) from 9am to 4pm, the Civic Centre on Thursday 14 November from 1.30pm to 4pm, Wolverhampton railway station on Thursday from 7pm to 11.30pm and Sainsbury's Wolverhampton on Friday (15 November) from noon to 4pm.

Tuesday's event forms part of a series of sessions being held by Healthwatch Wolverhampton at the Wulfrun Centre throughout the week looking at a range of health matters; others include a general drop in on Monday (11 November), mental health on Wednesday (13 November), diabetes on Thursday (14 November), men's health on Friday (15 November) and sexual health on Saturday (16 November).

Recovery Near You will also be holding information and advice sessions for members of Wolves Foundation's Head4Health group and at St George's Hub, All Saints Church and New Cross Hospital during the week, and workshops for City of Wolverhampton Council staff.

To find out more about Alcohol Awareness Week, please visit Alcohol Change UK