A cowboy builder has today, received a 7 months' custodial sentence at Wolverhampton Crown Court after pocketing £29,000 before leaving a residential property in danger of collapse.

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A trusting resident from Penn, employed Andrew Tedstill to develop a single storey side extension and carry out some garden renovation works.

Part way through the works, the consumer raised concerns about not being satisfied with the progress of the job and threatened to withhold payment until issues were resolved.

Tedstill threatened to knock the walls down if the consumer didn't continue to pay.

Once Ms Paul had handed over all the money, Mr Tedstill left the site and never returned.

The property was left in shocking, unsafe conditions leaving the family with a leaking roof, no heating or washing facilities.

During the works, Tedstill cut through cables resulting in no internet for 18 months and an inactive house alarm. 

Trading Standards employed building surveyor, Derek Bate from Barnsley Bate to assess the site who found Tedstill's work could cost up to £20,000 to put right.

He also reported that steel beams moved in brickwork while the roof was poorly made and inadequately supported and walls at the front and rear were structurally unsound.

Lee Jenks, Senior Trading Standards Officer at City of Wolverhampton Council said: " I'm pleased justice has been served today, cowboy builders cause a huge amount of stress to the victims who have worked hard and saved to pay for improvements to their home only to be badly let down.

"It's vital that we bring cases like this to the public's attention - to ensure they avoid becoming victims of reckless cowboy builders.

"As a council, we have a duty to protect consumers from rogue traders who break the law and carry out sub standard work and will continue to work to bring rogue traders to justice."

Trusting consumer, Ms Affy Paul, who employed Andrew Tedstill said: "I chose to trust this man and allow him into the privacy of our home, to renovate an extension I've wanted for so long.

"It soon dawned on me that my home had been invaded by a rogue builder, who had no intentions of completing the job and every intention to take all of my money.

"I feared of not being able to afford my mortgage payments and often laid awake at night, scared my house would cave in.

"I do not want anyone to go through the trauma I have experienced both financially and emotionally - caused by the mindless criminal behaviour of Andrew Tedstill.

"I am so grateful to Wolverhampton Trading Standards who have enabled me to pursue this matter and get this cowboy builder prosecuted and today, brought to justice."

Andrew Tedstill from Green Oak Road, Codsall pleaded guilty to unfair trading by breaching professional diligence on 3 February, 2018.

  • released: Tuesday 27 March, 2018