Jeanette Gettings, owner of Penn based ‘Just Because’ was recently recognised at the prestigious eBay Business Awards in London.

She beat off 70 other businesses to win the Wolverhampton Retail Revival award, presented by Jenny Campbell of Dragons Den.

Jeanette spent 12 years in the RAF, and a further 12 in the Ministry of Defence, Jeanette before taking on a series of project manager rolls, while selling scarves and jewellery at gift fairs, along with a regular stall at Ludlow Market. 

With one eye on making a business out of what was initially a hobby Jeanette began thinking about taking on a shop. 

In April 2017, she opened a shop almost opposite her sister’s business Springhill Mobility and set up a trading platform on ebay.

At the end of 2018 she signed up for the Retail Revival scheme after the council partnered with ebay – the first programme of its type in the UK – to expand on her ‘bricks and mortar’ business by maximising her digital platform.

Jeanette said: “The guys at eBay were tremendous, they helped me streamline the online offer I had, and got me 100% sales focused. I quickly recognised that they knew the best way to maximise the potential of what is after all their platform. I knew how to sell in my ‘bricks’ shop; I was the expert there; but when it came to my ‘clicks’ shop then they are the experts!”

The council have been supporting Jeanette and the other Retail Revival businesses along their journey, starting with the initial sell to eBay to persuade them to partner with the city and local retailers, through to negotiating a post programme package of ongoing support. 

The city has facilitated eBay’s first UK pop up shop with a unit at the i10 development – a unique showcase opportunity for Retail Revival participants through the month of June. 

Jeanette added: “The opportunity afforded by the council to join the eBay programme was very welcome, and the whole package of support has been great.”