A sixth City of Wolverhampton Council worker has been hailed an Amazing Social Worker by the British Association of Social Workers.

Jade Lawton, a Fostering Social Work Assessor and Support Worker, was nominated for the accolade by Team Manager Emma Bradbury.

Emma said: "Jade is a passionate and astute worker who goes above and beyond to support others and the people she serves in the community. Jade contributes to research and is enthusiastic and motivated in challenging oppression and advocating and supporting those who feel lost or unheard.  

"She inspires me as her manager and her colleagues, she loves to learn and really gets involved in all projects and tasks offered to her. Jade is a caring professional and has a high level of integrity and pride in her work.  

"Most importantly she is a maverick of social justice, a real inspiration to the families and people she works with and someone who aspires to help others. She has the motivation, compassion and commitment to ensure voices are heard, rights are upheld and restorative approaches are taken in all aspects of her social work practice. 

"I am proud to work alongside Jade and she makes me proud to be a social worker, she works hard to uphold the reputation of our profession and possesses the characteristics and ethics I believe all social workers should protect and uphold. She is part of an amazing team and they are all fantastic colleagues.”

Jade said: "I feel overwhelmed by Emma’s kindness and enthusiasm. 

"I am privileged to have such supportive managers and to have also worked within great teams alongside people with inspiring passion and commitment. 

"It is difficult to accept praise as a social worker when everyone works so hard for the children and families that we work with. I am very lucky to be part of that."

Jade's accolade is being profiled on the British Association of Social Workers’ website and social media channels as part of its Amazing Social Workers campaign. She joins fellow council workers Doreen Dove, Satvir Panesar, Kimberley O’Neill, Brian Keenan and Claire Edwards who have also been named Amazing Social Workers by the organisation.

Emma Bennett, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Executive Director of Families, said: "We are very proud of Jade and all of our colleagues who have been recognised as Amazing Social Workers in this way."

Lindsey Bates from the British Association of Social Workers added: "We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for your selfless dedication to our profession and the people we support – for being an Amazing Social Worker."