"Rock Form", the much-loved sculpture by renowned artist Barbara Hepworth, will go on temporary display at Wolverhampton Central Library while the city's art gallery undergoes a refurbishment.

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The popular piece was being moved out of the Lichfield Street gallery today (Tuesday 13 February) ready for its move to the main foyer of the library in Snow Hill.

"Rock Form" has been housed at the art gallery since 2015 after its owner, Royal Bank of Scotland, agreed to keep it on long-term display in the city.

The bronze sculpture has a long association with the City of Wolverhampton having been on public display in the Mander Centre since the 1968 after being donated by the Mander family.

The art gallery is undergoing significant improvement works which means "Rock Form" requires a new temporary home.

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council's cabinet member for city economy, said: "Rock Form has a long history with the City of Wolverhampton and the art gallery has been proud to house this iconic piece for the last 2 and a half years.

"We need to move it temporarily for the next year or so while improvement works are carried out at the gallery and Central Library is the perfect venue. It means it will still be very much on public display where lots of people, including children, will be able to appreciate this magnificent work of art."

Rock Form will be installed in the library next month after some minor works are carried out to its plinth.

Barbara Hepworth created Rock Form in 1964. It is one of 6 similar bronze castings - the others are held in the at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens, Truro, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Association for Public Art in Philadelphia and the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena.

Hepworth is considered one of the most significant sculptors of modern times. Her work is internationally famous and during the 1950s and 60s she was one of the most successful artists in the world.

  • released: Tuesday 13 February, 2018