Households struggling with the ongoing cost of living crisis can still seek help from the council, which has invested £15.2 million to date in helping families in need afford daily essentials.

The City of Wolverhampton Council has already helped residents cope with the rising cost of food and energy in wide variety of ways working with a network of valued partners across the city.

In the recent Budget the Chancellor announced the Household Support Fund would be extended for another 6 months. This fund can help with a variety of household essentials, but priority is given to food and energy.

It is designed to help anyone in need and you can apply direct to the council for help. The amounts awarded will vary depending on the make up of the household. 

Support is also available for essential household items such as white goods and small appliances and warm clothing and bedding.

The council has already invested in helping people build more financial resilience for the future, such as creating a network of community shops cross the city where Wolverhampton residents can save £30 on average a week on their grocery shop.

A flagship community shop, Central Shop, is also open at the Queen’s Building in Victoria Square in the city centre along with the Pomegranate café offering hot drinks and snacks at competitive prices. 

The Queen’s is a joint venture with partners the Good Shepherd and the Wolves Foundation and will also feature a multi use space on the first floor aiming to deliver support and interventions that alleviate poverty, build financial stability and offer training and employability guidance.

Leader of the council, Councillor Stephen Simkins said:

‘Our aim has always been to support our residents during this ongoing cost of living crisis and beyond and if anyone is in need, they should talk to us and see what immediate help might be available.

‘The Household Support Fund has been extended for 6 months, but nobody knows what will happen after September. Anyone who needs to access this fund should contact us direct and not delay.

‘As a council we’ve invested in projects and initiatives to help people for the long term not just now. I want to reassure people that we are also developing a Food Sustainability Plan to build food resilience for our citizens for the future and help save £2.5 million a year.

‘This alongside things like the Queen’s Building and funding community chefs to help families improve their cooking skills to create healthy, tasty meals is all part of our longer term plans to help our citizens financial wellbeing.’

If you need support now with essential household items or other essentials then find out more about the Household Support Fund here on our website Household Support Fund or contact Customer Services on 01902 290241 (option 2).

It’s also worth making sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to - we’ve developed a ‘missing benefits’ assessment just call 01902 555351 or email