City of Wolverhampton residents and businesses are being invited to have their say on the city’s Digital Infrastructure Strategy.

City of Wolverhampton Council is eager to futureproof its digital infrastructure to maximise businesses and investment opportunities and make the city a more attractive place to work, live and visit.

The strategy outlines the key actions necessary to support the rollout of digital infrastructure, including full fibre and 5G.

One operator has already switched on 5G in parts of City of Wolverhampton with two other operators announcing 5G rollout later this year.

The draft Digital Infrastructure Strategy has four main themes:

  • supporting the rollout of full fibre broadband
  • wireless connectivity including Smart technologies and 5G
  • barrier busting
  • digital economy, skills and inclusion

City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor Harman Banger, said: “Digital connectivity is an important driver of economic growth and will help increase employability in the city.

“Fibre, wireless and 5G are converging into a single, ultra fast, multi modal and integrated communications infrastructure network.

“It is vital we realise the benefits for residents, businesses and public services as we move towards being a smart city and I would urge people to get involved in the consultation.”

To view the draft Digital Infrastructure Strategy and take part in the consultation, please visit Wolverhampton Digital Infrastructure Strategy.     

The consultation will run until Friday 30 August 2019.