Drivers are being encouraged to take advantage of 20 minutes FREE parking in the new look multi storey car park when dropping off or collecting passengers at City of Wolverhampton Railway Station.

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This is an alternative to the options available in the new turnaround area, which include the 'Kiss & Ride' zone - soon to be re-designated 'Drop-off Only' zone - where no waiting is permitted, and the 16 new, free short stay parking spaces.

During a recent 3 week taxi marshal trial, an additional taxi marshal was put in place, and the 2 marshals will remain for at least a further month at the turnaround area to help advise the public and taxi drivers of the changes.

They will continue to operate from 4pm to midnight, 7 days a week, and are responsible for directing members of the public to Hackney Carriages and private hire services, as well as talking to the drivers to help improve traffic flow.

The marshals also monitor illegal touting for business and report any incidents of it to council compliance officers.

Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor John Reynolds, said: "The turnaround area at the railway station remains the long term responsibility of Virgin Trains and, as part of the Interchange project, we are working in partnership with them to ensure it is used properly.

"The public are still familiarising themselves with the new traffic arrangements and we are listening to their views and helping make adjustments where we can to improve things while the new system beds in.

"Therefore, we have decided to keep taxi marshals in place for a further month after the 3 week trial came to an end.

"In the long term we do not believe taxi marshals will be required."

  • released: Friday 24¬†March, 2017