People are being urged to get behind the latest Crowdfund Wolves community projects to be announced - with online donations starting from as little as £2.


The 4 new initiatives - Walk Wolverhampton War Memorials, Let's Engage - Good Shepherd, #LovetheReans Lantern Parade 2018, and Digi-Space Sound and Image Studio - can be viewed at Type=links;Linkid=9883;Title=Crowdfund Wolves;Target=_blank;.

Powered by Spacehive, Crowdfund Wolves provides a single portal where people with project ideas can build support from their community, ensure their plans are viable, pitch for funding from the crowd and partners at the same time, and share the impact they have created.

The council has joined with the Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (WVSC) to develop the platform.

City of Wolverhampton Council Consultation & Community Involvement Officer, Sam Axtell, said: "Through Crowdfund Wolves we are helping connect people, ideas and support to enable city residents to turn ideas into reality and shape City of Wolverhampton's future.

"We want to tap into the passion and unearth more of the local talent, innovation and creativity we know exists in the city.

"Anyone can create a project idea and anyone can pledge their support to an idea."

Walk Wolverhampton War Memorials commemorates the war dead of the city and highlights the memorials that can be found in churches, work places, streets, and even a local bank. It is part of the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society's activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. They have produced a Type=links;Linkid=10343;Title=digital google map;Target=_blank; of the memorials.

#LovetheReans Lantern Parade is a Whitmore Reans project based at Gatis Community Space. They intend to create a series of arts workshops and fun community consultation events that allow people to have their say on what does and doesn't make Whitmore Reans safe. A range of lanterns from natural and recycled resources will be designed, allowing artists to create an interactive story and lanterns that reflect the community's thoughts. These will be displayed on a parade.

Let's Engage is a project working with the most vulnerable homeless people in the city to connect them to professional agencies and, in time, encourage them to revalue their lives and look to the future with hope and positivity. They plan to offer a small number of individuals the chance to engage in activities which will help them to find a new focus in life.

The Digi Space Sound and Image Studio is about creating a new suite of digital technology at Stratton St Methodist Church Community Centre for local young people to be creative, and use and develop their talents to realise their potential. It will provide young people with state of the art equipment which they would not normally have access to. There will be a summer exhibition to showcase the young people's work.

Project creator, Gail Reynolds, said: "We are so excited about the prospect of getting project Digi-Space off the ground. Inspiring youngsters to discover, develop and celebrate their creative talents."

Local people and organisations are invited to get involved with Crowdfund Wolves by submitting their projects, supporting other projects or telling their friends and neighbours about the scheme.

52% of projects crowdfunded on Spacehive are successful - higher than any other platform.

For more details on Crowdfund Wolves please contact Catherine Perry or Sam Axtell by phoning 01902 552005/554918, or email or

  • released: Friday 13 April, 2018