Arts Council England and the Baring Foundation are investing £90,800 in plans for a new programme of visual art activities, exhibitions and events created by and with older people in Wolverhampton and Staffordshire.

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The money comes from the Arts Council's and Baring Foundation's National Lottery funded Type=links;Linkid=8158;Title=Celebrating Age;Target=_blank; programme. 

Celebrating Age was developed in response to figures from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's Type=links;Linkid=8162;Title=Taking Part Survey;Target=_blank; which show that participation in arts and culture falls over the age of 75.

Type=links;Linkid=3123;Title=Wolverhampton Art Gallery;Target=_blank; will use this £90,800 to work with Type=links;Linkid=8163;Title=Choices Housing Association;Target=_blank;, Type=links;Linkid=8164;Title=Staffordshire Arts Services;Target=_blank;, and Type=links;Linkid=6891;Title=Creative Health;Target=_blank;, to run the 'Still Lively' project.

The 2 year programme will be created by and with older people living in Wolverhampton and Staffordshire. 

Events, talks and workshops with artists and writers will be hosted at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Bantock House, Northycote Farm and Country Park, and Shire Living Schemes in Staffordshire.

The venues will become places for older people to create, share and celebrate their artworks, stories and ideas, inspiring those taking part, as well as other visitors.

Artworks from the venues will also be taken on tour to Shire Living centres across Staffordshire for older people to enjoy.

Peter Knott, Area Director, Arts Council England, said: "We know that taking part in artistic and cultural activities can make a huge difference in the lives of everyone, even more so when people are at greater risk of isolation.

"It will be great to see our funding helping Wolverhampton Art Gallery to inspire older people, creating new opportunities for them to become more engaged in their local communities."

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, added: "We are delighted that Arts Council England and the Baring Foundation are investing in our creative arts and wellbeing project Still Lively.

"This support will enable us to provide invaluable opportunities for older people in Wolverhampton and Staffordshire to enjoy and be inspired by our world-class collections, so they create their own artwork, and curate exhibitions and events that they want to take part in."

  • released: Monday 27 February, 2017