Regeneration plans for Wolverhampton's Southside area have taken a significant step forward with full demolition of the former Netto building underway.

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The supermarket chain took over the Snow Hill site from Rackhams and vacated it in 2012.

The site is expected to be cleared by April and it will then be incorporated into the main car park to the rear of the property, with the income generated used to support the demolition costs.

During the demolition process the pavements on Snow Hill and Temple Street next to the site will remain closed. One lane of Snow Hill will remain closed to traffic at least until the works reach ground level.

Demolition will make way for the marketing of the council's landholdings at Southside later this year.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Assets, said: "It is great to see clearly visible changes now happening as we reshape the Southside area of the city.

"It forms a major part of the council's multi million pound regeneration plans and will present another exciting development opportunity for Wolverhampton."

Prior to Christmas the council completed the demolition of derelict buildings on Cleveland Street, converting the land to provide additional car parking in the city centre and maximise income in the interim.

The council has recently bought land and property at 50/51 Snow Hill and 1 to 5 Bell Street to strengthen its landownership in the area.

Also in the Southside area, the £4 million expansion and redevelopment of Casino 36 is advancing, with the Temple Street venue expected to open later this year - and recruitment for 100 jobs already underway.

  • released: Thursday 28 January, 2016