A by-election will take place in the East Park ward of the City of Wolverhampton on 7 April.

A notice of election in the East Park ward was published today (Thursday 3 March). It follows the recent resignation of a serving councillor in the ward.

The city council had been planning to hold the by-election at the same time as the main local elections on 5 May to cause minimum disruption for electors, however this decision was taken out of the council’s hands after local electors formally requested an earlier ballot.

Electoral law states that a by-election must take place if two or more electors write to the council and formally request one. The council received clear legal advice that in this situation, there was no choice but to have the by-election on 7 April.

David Pattison, City of Wolverhampton Council’s chief operating officer, said: “A by-election will now take place on 7 April for the East Park ward.

“We know that it might be frustrating for some electors that they will be asked to vote in this election on 7 April and then again in the main local elections less than a month later on 5 May, however it is important to say we had no choice in the matter.

“The law is very clear that the election must take place on 7 April.”

People have until 22 March to ensure they are registered to vote in the election which can be done quickly and easily online at GOV.UK.

Postal vote applications must be received by the council no later than 5pm on 23 March and proxy voter applications by 5pm on 30 March.