Whether people are looking for a new job or just want to keep in touch with friends and family, having good digital skills is the key to success.

Adult Education Wolverhampton is on hand to help people who need to improve theirs, with a range of free courses which can be completed face to face or from the comfort of home.

Adult learners can develop their basic skills with the Introduction to Digital Skills course, where people will learn how to use the internet, Word and other applications.

The Essential Digital Skills course takes this a step further, offering people the chance to create Word documents, use email and make video calls. 

The Digital Skills for Work and Life course introduces people to what going digital means, how it’s changing the way people live and work, and how they can learn the skills and gain the confidence needed for an increasingly digital workplace.

Finally, the Skills for Digital Transactions course offers top tips about how to use computers and mobile devices to buy goods and services online and how to administer and manage transactions and finances digitally, all whilst staying safe. 

Meanwhile, people who have solid digital skills but want to improve them can sign up for one or more free online courses: Bite-size Word, Excel or Outlook; Keeping your Child Safe Online; and Keeping Safe Using the Internet.

Councillor Dr Michael Hardacre, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “Being digitally literate is so important these days and is only going to get more so in the years ahead, so if you need to improve your skills, join one of these excellent Adult Education Courses which will help open up a whole new digital world for you.”

Adrian Dixon, who recently completed a Digital Skills course with Adult Education Wolverhampton, said: “I had always worked in heavy manual jobs but due to back problems this is no longer an option.

“When it came to IT I was a bit of a dinosaur, with no skills and a fear of computers. I had previously tried short basic IT classes elsewhere, but the groups were so big it was difficult to get attention and the help I needed.

“The class at Adult Education Wolverhampton was different; the group was smaller and the teacher was always at hand whenever I needed help and support. As soon as I learnt the basics, things changed and my confidence grew. 

“It’s amazing how much independence learning digital skills has given me, I no longer have to rely on others to update my CV, it’s given me the ability to apply for jobs online and a much better chance of finding a less manual job in the future.”

To find out more, please visit Adult Education Wolverhampton or call 01902 558180.