People wishing to vote by post or by proxy on proposals put together by Wolverhampton residents to shape their communities are being urged to register quickly.

A community referendum on Tettenhall and Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plans will be held on Thursday 17 July, 2014.

But electors are being advised that they need to apply for postal votes and be confirmed by 5pm on Wednesday 2 July and 5pm on Wednesday 9 July for a proxy vote.

Residents in those areas can register to vote by visiting Type=links;Linkid=3768;Title=Register to vote;Target=_blank;.

These are Wolverhampton's first Neighbourhood Plans and are among the first in the country to have a community referendum.

Both Plans have been created over the last 3 years by local residents from Tettenhall and Heathfield Park Local Neighbourhood Partnerships, with support from Wolverhampton City Council's Planning and Neighbourhood Services teams.

The Neighbourhood Plans have been based on extensive consultation with people who live and work in the 2 areas through roadshows, community events, meetings, workshops and household surveys.

Everyone of voting age who lives in the designated Neighbourhood Plan areas will have the chance to have a say on the proposals at referendums.

If the Neighbourhood Plans are 'made' by the council they will form part of the Statutory Development Plan for Wolverhampton until 2026.

And they will influence planning decisions the council makes about any future development proposals in the Tettenhall and Heathfield Park areas.

Electors need to ensure they are registered by Tuesday 1 July, 2014, in order to vote. Anyone who is unable to go to the polling station on 17 July can vote by post - the deadline to register for this is 5pm on Wednesday 2 July, 2014.

Examination reports and both the Neighbourhood Plans can be read at Type=articles;Articleid=2478;Title=Neighbourhood Planning;.

  • released: Friday 27 June, 2014