Wolverhampton City Council is providing a small army of its staff to act as stewards and ensure the funeral of Sir Jack Hayward OBE runs without a hitch on Tuesday.

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The council is working closely with Wolves to ensure the former club owner, president and freeman of the city is given a fitting final farewell.

A call was put out earlier this week asking council workers to put themselves forward as volunteer stewards to play a role in what is sure to be an emotional day for the city.

Within a couple of hours of the request going out, more than 50 staff from various departments had offered their services.

Many of the volunteers are lifelong Wolves fans, including Peter King, Shelley Jones and Robbie-Leigh Martin who have spoken of their honour at being involved with the ceremony.

Peter King, aged 28, from Tettenhall, works in the council's IT department and is a season ticket holder in the Steve Bull Stand. He said: "Sir Jack is a massive part of Wolverhampton Wanderers and what he did for the club is huge, so to be able to repay something back to him is an honour and a dream for a Wolves fan like me."

Shelley Jones, aged 33, of Fordhouses, is a marketing officer at the council who has fond memories of Sir Jack after Wolves were promoted at Cardiff in 2003. She said: "None of us who were there at Cardiff will ever forget the moment Sir Jack was shown on the big screen putting his thumbs up with a huge smile. He meant so much to Wolverhampton and I'm pleased to be able to do my bit to give something back to him."

Robbie-Leigh Martin, aged 19, of Penn is a business and administration apprentice and is regular in the South Bank at Molineux. She said: "I've grown up with Sir Jack being the heart and soul of Wolves and it is so sad to think that he has gone. I'm very proud to be able to help give him the send off he deserves."

  • released: Monday 2 February, 2015