The City of Wolverhampton Council is launching a range of warm spaces throughout the city to help its residents beat the chill this autumn and winter, because of energy prices and the Cost of Living crisis.

The council will open its own wide range of buildings across the city, working with community and faith groups to offer not only a safe space for people to keep warm, but also to be able to charge and connect their devices, get a hot drink and have something to eat.

Leader of the City of Wolverhampton Council, Councillor Ian Brookfield said: ‘It’s awful that it has come to this in a country like Britain, but this is a no brainer for the council. Our wide range of community spaces and council buildings across the city will be open in any event, so why wouldn’t we throw our doors open over the colder months to help those in need stay warm.

‘We will ensure there are warm spaces across the city, across all 20 wards where people can go and keep warm, charge their devices, use the Wifi and get a hot drink and a bite to eat.

‘People should not have to be cold in their own homes, because they are scared to put the heating on. As a council, we are doing all we can to help our most vulnerable residents through this cost of living crisis and have already invested £1.1 million on top of the £2.6 million Household Support Fund received to date from central government.

‘We’d much prefer this kind of scheme wasn’t necessary in the first place, but we won’t stand by and do nothing; we’ll be launching this scheme shortly and make everyone aware of exactly which premises will be open for them to keep warm this winter.’

All participating buildings will provide the opportunity to be able to connect digitally, charge devices, have a hot drink and something to eat.

The spaces will be available from Monday 24 October, with a total of 30 venues initially opening their doors, including community centres, libraries and Strengthening Families hubs.   

The venues will bear a Warm Spaces logo and details will be supplied shortly on the council’s dedicated cost of living advice pages on our website Cost of living support