Local businesses and other organisations are being invited to use the City of Wolverhampton Council's mediation team to help resolve any workplace or personal conflicts they are experiencing.

Conflict in the workplace can be very costly to organisations, causing stress among employees and leading to poor productivity and motivation.

The council's mediation team offer an impartial, independent and confidential service which, in more than 80% of cases, brings about a successful resolution by helping people build better relationships and enabling them to communicate with one another more effectively.

mediation is appropriate in most situations but typically takes place in the workplace between employees or between organisations and customers where there is dispute over service provision.

It usually involves initial separate interviews with each party, followed by one or more mediation sessions where parties meet together to share understanding and reach mutual agreement.

Mediation Service manager Jane Blair said: "Mediation helps people in interpersonal conflict to resolve their concerns in a positive, confidential and constructive way, on their own terms.

"Unresolved conflict can be costly in terms of time, money, resources, motivation and efficiency, often causing untold stress.

"We offer an impartial, independent and confidential mediation service which is much faster than investigative processes and uniquely enables those involved to remain in control of any outcomes and agreements."

As well as a mediation service to businesses and other organisations, the Wolverhampton Mediation Service helps to resolve conflicts in the community and between neighbours.

To find out more about Wolverhampton Mediation Service, please contact Jane Blair on 01902 552792 or email mediation@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

  • released: Wednesday 2 December, 2015