The City of Wolverhampton Council has launched a consultation on a new policy designed to help more children with special needs and disabilities and vulnerable adults to travel independently and safely.

The council, which currently transports 750 young people with special educational needs and disabilities and 70 vulnerable adults, wants to hear people’s views on its proposed new All Age Travel Policy.

The council is committed to ensuring people lead independent healthy lives, feel safe and secure and achieve their full potential. Being able to travel independently, without having to rely on council transport, gives people greater freedom to get around, is good for an individual’s self esteem and confidence, and will improve their long term employment opportunities.

The proposed policy aims to support the achievement of these outcomes through a new way of supporting individuals to access educational establishments and social care venues based upon the needs of the individual and their family. 

The aim of this policy is to work with the individual and their family to develop a travel solution to meet their needs.

Councillor Dr Michael Hardacre, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “The City of Wolverhampton Council currently provides transport for around 750 pupils, the majority of which have special educational needs and/or disabilities, and 70 vulnerable adults.

“Nearly all these individuals are transported by coach, minibus or taxi. Although we know this is an important service for many of our citizens, feedback received suggests that some people feel they would benefit from more choice in the way they travel.

“We believe that enabling more people to travel independently can have a transformational effect on their lives and make the transition from adolescence into adulthood easier.

“The one size fits all approach to transport is old fashioned and we want to hear what people think about our new policy which promotes safety and independence for our residents and the right level of support for those who need it.”

The consultation will run until 29 November 2019. For further information about the consultation and details about consultation session dates please visit Wolverhampton Information Network. To complete an online survey please visit Proposed All Age Travel Assistance Policy.