Congratulations to more than 28,000 Wolverhampton residents who have secured a place on the Better Health: Rewards programme.

Better Health: Rewards app users are now being reminded that they have until 27 April to complete the activities in their 'to do' list, which will enable them to start claiming rewards worth at least £40.

Wolverhampton was chosen by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities to pilot the Better Health: Rewards scheme, designed to see whether offering adults rewards and incentives will help them to eat better and increase their physical activity levels.

John Denley, Wolverhampton's Director of Public Health, said: "More than 28,000 people in Wolverhampton have signed up to take part in Better Health: Rewards, which is an incredible response.

"Everyone who has joined has the chance to earn at least £40 worth of rewards by making healthier choices, but before you can do so, you’ll need to wear and sync your fitness tracker to the app every day for 5 days and complete the other activities in your 'to do' list, including 2 short dietary surveys. 

“It’s very important that you do this before 27 April or you’ll lose access to your app.

"Equally importantly, once you have done this, the first £10 worth of rewards will be unlocked and the app will begin generating weekly personalised challenges for you to choose from, through which you will be able to earn more points.

"You are also reminded that, when you do any sort of physical activity, like exercise, gardening or the housework, you should put the tracker in exercise mode so that it can capture you workout. You should also continue to sync your fitness tracker on a regular basis, ideally every day, so that you are able to complete your challenges and earn points."

The Better Health: Rewards scheme has thousands of rewards on offer, including money off food shopping, to cinema tickets, gym passes and discounts on days out.

People who are having any issues with their fitness tracker or the app are advised to check out the frequently asked questions in the app or at Better Health: Rewards, email or pop into the Better Health: Rewards Hub in Queen Square.