Residents young and old took to the streets to clean up their local neighbourhood.

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Pupils from Bantock Primary School joined members of Bantock Local Neighbourhood Partnership and the Wolverhampton Nepalese Group for a litter pick around the Norfolk Road, Bamford Road, Bruford Road, Burleigh Road, Rayleigh Road, Aston Street and Bingley Street areas.

Councillor Elias Mattu, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Communities, joined in the pick and said: "The Wolverhampton Nepalese Group had expressed an interest in taking part in a voluntary clean up project in the area, and as improving the area is a key priority for the Local Neighbourhood Partnership, it was a very worthwhile event.

"We were delighted that young people from Bantock Primary School, as well as local residents, were also able to join us."

Local Graiseley Councillor Jacqui Sweetman added: "This is Pride in Penn Fields in action. Our regular clean-ups not only improve our area but give us a chance to work together for everyone."

  • released: Monday 22 July, 2013