Wolverhampton’s 2 new Youth MPs haven’t allowed the coronavirus lockdown to stop them from getting to work.

Ruby Cochrane and Tutsirai Rukarwa were elected in March and have been busy using virtual technology to complete their induction and to meet with other Youth MPs, youth councillors, councillors, council directors and the city’s three Members of Parliament, Pat McFadden, Stuart Anderson and Jane Stevenson.

They also hope to be able to attend the House of Commons in November to take part in this year’s Youth Parliament debate. Held during Parliament Week, it sees Youth MPs from across the country discuss key issues identified by young people through the annual Make Your Mark ballot.  

Councillor John Reynolds, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “Our Youth MPs have a really important role to play in helping to ensure the voice of Wolverhampton’s children and young people is heard, and it’s great that Tutsirai and Ruby have been able to get on with the job in hand despite the coronavirus lockdown. I wish them well in their role.”

Tutsirai said: “Being a Youth MP involves lots of meetings with other Youth MPs from around the region and nationally. Getting the chance to talk to our city’s MPs has made me so passionate and more confident knowing that they support our ideas, and I am excited to work with them in the future.”

Ruby said: “As a Youth MP I not only get to champion the youth voice in Wolverhampton but also express my own opinions and hopefully make a difference in my city.

“All 3 of Wolverhampton's MPs were inspiring in how hard they are working to support their community during these times and they showed great enthusiasm towards working with us in the future, which is really exciting.”

Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden said: "It was great to talk to the new Youth MPs from Wolverhampton. We discussed the current Covid19 emergency, crime, climate change and the regeneration of the city. 

“Being a Youth MP is a great experience and we need to hear more from young people in the city about their priorities and concerns. I wish our Youth MPs all the best for their year ahead and am happy to work with them.”

Wolverhampton North East MP Jane Stevenson said: “It was great to be able to meet the two new Youth MPs for Wolverhampton, albeit virtually! Ruby and Tutsirai are both very passionate about issues that particularly affect young people, such as mental health and knife crime.

“I am especially keen to work with them on expanding the provision of youth services across the city, and improving Wolverhampton for everyone. I look forward to meeting them in person soon.”

Wolverhampton South West MP Stuart Anderson said: “I was delighted to speak with the newly elected members of the Youth Parliament for Wolverhampton. 

"Tutsirai and Ruby are doing an excellent job in making sure that young people are listened to and that their priorities are championed. I look forward to working with them both now and in the future to ensure that all ages are effectively represented in Parliament and beyond.”

To find out more about how young people can get involved in their city, please visit the #YES website.