Every autumn, the City of Wolverhampton Council undertakes a programme of leaf collection across the city to keep the environment clean, safe and tidy.

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Accumulations of leaves, especially when wet, can make conditions difficult for both pedestrians and drivers.

As well as keeping up the city's appearance, getting rid of fallen leaves also helps to keep drains and gullies clear and reduces the risk of people slipping and skidding on wet leaves.

Thousands of trees line the city's roads, parks and open spaces and if the leaves fall on public land, it is the responsibility of the city council to remove them.

Fallen leaves can be used as mulch for flower beds, composted or taken to one of the city's waste and recycling centres for disposal. 

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment at City of Wolverhampton Council said: "Every year we remove tonnes of leaves fallen from trees lining our streets, parks and open spaces.

"It is quite a challenge removing such a vast quantity of leaves from public land. We know which areas are hotspots for heavy leaf fall and target our crews where they are most needed."

The city council's Environmental Services team has extended its leaf clearing service due to the delay of leaf fall following this year's record hot summer.

To report significant accumulations of leaves on the highway or footpaths which require collection, please contact the Council's street cleansing team by visiting Type=articles;Articleid=7024;Title=Contact us;.

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  • released: Thursday 1 November, 2018