A local resident has praised City of Wolverhampton Council employees after resolving an accidental incident during a recent visit to Wolverhampton City Centre.

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A distressed resident contacted City of Wolverhampton Council after dropping her car keys in a gully outside St Peter's Square.

Customer Services Officers, Ndey Isatou-Jobe and Andrea Beckford calmed and reassured the resident and arranged for the council's highways team to help resolve the issue.

Brothers Tom and Joeb Lappage, sub-contractors from Hilton Main Construction Limited, employed by the city council turned up in a matter of minutes to retrieve the car keys from a nearby drain. The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous said: "As soon as I dropped my keys, my heart sank and I went into a horrible panic. I was with my son who is a Blue Badge holder and I did not want to cause him any unnecessary stress - but he also got upset when he realised what had happened.

"I contacted the council to see if they could help me. The two ladies in Customer Services were so calming and helpful - I cannot thank them enough for their efforts. Andrea arranged for the council's highways team to retrieve my keys and they arrived in no time.

"Tom and Joeb were so helpful. They had to drain the water and gunk out of the 4-foot gully before retrieving my keys, they persevered and managed to recover them and even washed them for me.  

"I cannot express my gratitude enough for their actions, not only did they get my keys back - but were also very friendly and tolerant of my mild hysteria and my son's autistic outbursts. Every single person who helped me that day are a real credit to the city council - they were true heroes!"

Tom Lappage, sub contractor for City of Wolverhampton Council said: "It was really nice to receive some positive feedback and to be named as 'heroes' for just doing our job, was a huge compliment.

"Accidents like these happen and they can be stressful situations for the people involved. We made sure she knew she was in safe hands and we would get the keys back to her.

"She was such a nice lady and we were more than happy to help her and her son." 

  • released: Friday 13 April, 2018