The Leader of City of Wolverhampton Council has spoken of the city’s ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity as demonstrated by activities organised for Black History Month.

Councillor Ian Brookfield said that as the leader of one of the most diverse cities in the UK, he was proud that the council had organised events and was raising the profile of Black History Month throughout October. 

His comments came as electronic road signs across main roads in Wolverhampton were programmed to feature the Black History Month logo to raise awareness of the cause and demonstrate the city’s support. 

Councillor Brookfield said: “We are one of the most diverse places in the UK and we learn about and celebrate different cultures every day of the year. However, there are certain nationally recognised months where there is a particular focus and October is Black History Month. 

“It is a time where we can all educate ourselves about black history, something which I think we all recognise has not had the platform or the profile it deserves in the past. 

“I am incredibly proud to lead a city which embraces and celebrates its diversity and I stand in solidarity with black people now and always. 

“There’s plenty happening across the city for Black History Month, I know our libraries have got a number of events and activities, as has our art gallery which has a long tradition of celebrating black artists and there are events focusing on black businesses. 

“Within the council, we’ve got a whole programme of events for our staff throughout October including talks on history, forum discussions, online cook-alongs, sharing black music playlists and all sorts of engaging activities. 

“The electronic road signs along main routes are also carrying the Black History Month logo, interspersed with highways messaging. We’ve used these before to show our support during the Black Lives Matter protests last year, for LGBT+ History month and Remembrance and they are a very visible way for the city to get behind important causes.” 

More information about what is happening in the city for Black History Month is available from Black History Month.