Wolverhampton Art Gallery is delighted to present The Caribbean Front Room, curated by Juliet Whitter.

The exhibition opens from 1 October and runs until 30 October, offering a trip down memory lane by staging a typical front room and living room that would have been the hub of many local homes in the later decades of the twentieth century.

As well as recreating the rooms, Juliet has recorded personal stories of people who came to Wolverhampton during and after the Windrush era, when people from the Caribbean responded to a call from the British Government to help support industries after the Second World War. 

City of Wolverhampton Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor Stephen Simkins, said: “Wolverhampton became home to many people from the Caribbean during the Windrush era and they have become Wulfrunians through their own making, yet still paying homage to where they were born and sharing their stories, food, music and everything about their culture with the city.  

“This exhibition enables stories to be kept alive so that people can reminisce and continue telling and sharing stories to future generations.”

Juliet Whitter, Curator of The Caribbean Front Room said: “We have taken the opportunity to speak with members of our community who migrated to the UK from the Caribbean during the 1950s and 1960s. Individuals reflected on their experience of when they first arrived in Britain, tales of their journey and their 'Front Room'.  As first generation, born in this country in the 60s, these evoked memories of my parents’ precious heirlooms such as religious pictures and family photos showcased around the wall, memories of my father’s radiogram, his drink trolley, his Hofner guitar and vox amplifier which was his pride and joy.

“The exhibition takes visitors on a nostalgic trip through replicas of a 1960s and 70s front room and living room, displaying many artifacts that they treasured. Similar rooms can still be seen around many of our parents’ homes today.”

The Caribbean Front Room can bet seen at Wolverhampton Art Gallery Monday to Saturday (10.30am to 4.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 4pm). Admission is free and more information can be found by visiting Wolverhampton Arts & Culture