A website aimed at helping residents navigate the skills and employment system in the City of Wolverhampton has topped 2,000 sign ups in its first 5 months.

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Type=links;Linkid=8638;Title=Workbox;Target=_blank; was launched at the end of June and has since had more than 65,000 unique visits and seen 77 employers and training providers use it to promote their offer.

Workbox provides a one stop shop for people seeking information, advice, training and employment opportunities.

It also feeds into the Wolves at Work employment programme, which offers intensive support for residents seeking work.

Young people on a recent visit to JLR's i54 Education Business Partnership centre as part of Care Leavers Week gave their feedback on Workbox and other digital tools for employment, as well as find out about how Jaguar Land Rover operates.

The 16 care leavers were given access to local training, apprenticeships and employment opportunities - and their views will now be used to help further develop Workbox.

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: "Workbox is still in its first phase and it is already giving care leavers the opportunity to find out more about local training, apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

"Further development will see it become more interactive, tailored to the user's needs, and change to reflect the needs of the city."

The young people also toured the state of the art JLR facility and participated in activities to recognise engine parts and compete in teams to put together a model of an engine.

Workbox has been co-designed with City of Wolverhampton College, University of Wolverhampton, Community Learning Platform, Department for Work and Pensions, Adult Education Wolverhampton, Connexions, schools, residents, employers and training providers.

  • released: Monday 27 November, 2017