The City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Members for Adult Services and Children and Young People have spent time shadowing professionals to experience a day in the life of a social worker.

They joined staff on the frontline as part of a series of activities taking place in Wolverhampton to mark World Social Work Day tomorrow (Tuesday (21 March, 2023) – an opportunity to celebrate the work of social workers globally. 

It gave them the chance to observe and understand frontline social work practice and meet some of the city's dedicated social workers.

Councillor Linda Leach, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, spent time with Senior Social Work Manager Yeukai Chingwena and the West Locality Adult Social Work Team, attending a home visit with social worker Winston Lindsay. 

Councillor Leach said: "I am honoured to have the opportunity to spend time with our social workers, who work hard to make a positive impact on people’s lives with so much commitment and care, and I was so proud to have been able to spend time with this fantastic team.

“It was heart warming to see excellent social work in practice, and how our staff go above and beyond, wanting only the best for people, especially in these challenging times. Our social work teams do an incredible job all year round and spending a day with them on the ground helped me to appreciate the incredible work that they do.

“I have been impressed to see the relationship between the social worker and the person they are connected with. It has been clear to see how the person is respected and offered choices to achieve what is a good life to them.”

Councillor Beverley Momenabadi, the council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, visited Eastfield Strengthening Families Hub in the company of Service Manager Cherry Lacono where she had the opportunity to observe social workers carrying out a solution circle, part of a restorative practice approach which enables reflective and supportive conversations which help to achieve sustained and meaningful change for families.

Councillor Momenabadi said: “It has been a privilege to spend time with one of our social work teams; they do a fantastic job and I am blown away by the commitment, care and love they bring to their roles. Their dedication to ensuring that children and young people in our city get the best start in life was really apparent. 

“I found the solution circle really interesting, it showed the reflections of social workers and their dedication to children and young people in our city. 

"The team discussed a difficult scenario where progress had stalled and used a solution circle to generate ideas from colleagues. This prompted vibrant discussion and reflection from the team, who came up with some brilliant ideas for the social worker to explore with the family moving forwards, and I am keen to find out how things progress."

For more information about social work jobs available with the City of Wolverhampton Council, please visit Be the Social Worker You Want To Be or email

For more details about World Social Work Day, organised by the International Federation of Social Workers, please visit World Social Work Day