A nursery school has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted - for the fourth time running.

Inspector Usha Devi visited Bilston Nursery School on Wolverhampton Street last month and found staff and governors have "high expectations" of its children.

Headteacher Emma Smith is a "dynamic leader who is continually reflecting on how to ensure children have an excellent start to their education", while she and her deputy headteacher Lyanne Ellitts have "an exceptional understanding" of both how young children learn, and of their interests.

Staff make sure activities "support children's learning and development successfully", and as a result they make excellent and rapid progress, show "high levels of interest and concentration" and leave the school fully equipped for Reception class.

The children are "exceptionally well behaved, confident and inquisitive learners", with staff placing a strong emphasis on developing their skills and knowledge. Children are "immersed in fun and memorable reading, writing and number activities" on a daily basis.

The school also helps children develop their technological skills, so they can programme simple robots, use computer mice and operate toys, and use cameras and video recorders to create animations.

Governors are "effective in carrying out their roles and responsibilities", providing robust challenge, and are keen to further increase parental involvement in the work of the school.

There is a "strong culture of safeguarding" at the school, with play equipment and outdoor spaces "carefully designed so that children learn to climb, jump, roll, balance and move with care". Parents are "complimentary about the welfare and safety of their children" and of the "exciting learning opportunities on offer".

In her report, Mrs Devi noted that the school is often called upon by the City of Wolverhampton Council to help teachers in other early years settings, while staff have been empowered to "share effective practice with staff from other schools".

Miss Smith, who is also headteacher of Eastfield Nursery School which was rated Outstanding by Ofsted last month - again for the fourth time in succession - said: "The team at Bilston Nursery School work extremely hard to provide rich learning experiences for pupils which enable them to develop strong foundations for the next stage of their education.

"I am extremely proud of the team and their dedication and commitment to the young children in their care. Everyone involved in the school is delighted to have achieved its fourth outstanding rating."

Councillor Claire Darke, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Education, said: "Receiving 2 Outstanding Ofsted reports in as many months is a remarkable achievement for Emma Smith and her teams at Bilston and Eastfield nursery schools, and I would like to congratulate them on this wonderful achievement.

"It's great that Bilston Nursery is also able to share its good practice with other schools around the City, so that we can continue to improve outcomes for children across Wolverhampton."

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  • released: Monday 5 February, 2018