Library members in Wolverhampton can now enjoy free access to thousands of digitised videos and television programmes from the collections of the British Film Institute.

It is the result of one of the UK’s largest mass digitisation programmes. All of the titles have been drawn from the vaults of the BFI National Archive and partner UK Regions and Nations Film Archives.

The content uncovers stories from across the UK, its history and its people, vividly captured in over 60 years of film, television and video.

The platform provides access to thousands of precious videotapes through the meticulous replay and digitisation of collections from across the UK, collected and cared for by archivists for over half a century.

Robert Johnson, City Librarian, said: "Thousands of videos and television programmes are now available to watch for free on computers in our libraries thanks to BFI replay, so please come down to your local branch and delve into the recorded past for fun, discovery, nostalgia or research."

It's free to join Wolverhampton's libraries. For more information, please visit Libraries.