The Beat the Street challenge is creating a 'hullabaloo' in more ways than one across Wolverhampton.

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Since it began last month, more than 24,000 people have signed up to play the seven week walking, cycling and running game - and already the city has clocked up more than 141,000 miles.

Now, instead of the normal double beep which players will have become used to when they tap their special Beat the Street cards against Beat Boxes around the city, the boxes are heralding the start of spring by making different noises - from bells to cuckoos!

As well as discovering as many new sounds as they can, players can enjoy double or even triple points and scoop some great prizes over the Easter holidays. There will be:

  • double points on Beat Box number 186 outside the Molineux Stadium on Easter Friday (25 March) - and players will also be entered into a prize draw to win a signed Wolves shirt
  • double points on Beat Box 187, Turner Avenue, Woodcross on Easter Saturday (26 March) - the loneliest Beat Box, which has received fewer taps than any other
  • double points on Beat Box 83 at Northycote Farm on Easter Monday (28 March) - and players will also be automatically entered into a draw to win a WV Active Junior Gym pass and a WV Active Kids' club pass
  • double points on the three Beat Boxes around Bantock Park (118, 181 and 188) on Thursday 31 March. Another WV Active Kids' Club pass can be won as a lucky tap prize by tapping these three Beat Boxes
  • triple points for under 14s at Wednesfield junior park run on Sunday 3 April - walk or run the 2km route past Beat Box 57 and tap a mobile Beat Box which will be available in the park
  • there are also double points and the chance to win one Junior Gym membership by tapping Beat Box 90 in Low Hill on Monday 4 April, Beat Box 156 in Heath Town Park on Wednesday, 6 April and Beat Box 1 in East Park on Thursday 7 April
  • finally, players can score triple points by locating the golden Beat Box which will be in a mystery location from Friday 8 April to Sunday 10 April - clues as to its location will be available via Beat the Street's Type=links;Linkid=6828;Title=Facebook;Target=_blank; and Type=links;Linkid=6829;Title=Twitter;Target=_blank; pages.  Anyone who taps this box will also be entered into a prize draw to win an executive suite for a Wolves home match next season

In order to score extra points and be entered into prize draws where applicable, players should ensure they tap another beat box before tapping one of the special boxes listed above.

Ros Jervis, Wolverhampton's Director of Public Health, said: "It's great to see that Beat the Street has encouraged people to get out and about on foot or on their bike and cut the number of short journeys they make by car - whether it's doing the school run, popping to the shops or just getting out and about.

"It's been proven that small changes to everyday habits can make a big difference to your health. Regular physical activity is known to improve 23 long-term conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, cancers, dementia, depression and anxiety. Taking exercise also helps improve the health of those who already have these conditions.

"We're hoping people will keep up the momentum over the Easter holidays as we set our sights on a target of clocking up enough miles to reach the moon."

More than 24,000 people are taking part in Beat the Street in Wolverhampton, including pupils, parents and teachers at more than 75 local schools as well as employers, community groups and sports clubs, with players racking up the miles - and points - for their chosen organisation.

Players collect miles and points by swiping their card against two or more of the 200 Beat the Street Beat Boxes which have been erected on lampposts right across Wolverhampton, travelling between each on foot or bike.

Beat the Street continues until Wednesday 13 April, 2016. For more information, click ontoType=links;Linkid=6912;Title=Beat the Street;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Thursday 24 March, 2016