City of Wolverhampton reminds our residents to be vigilant when it comes to doorstep sellers.

Wolverhampton Trading Standards have recently been notified of incidents in the city where salespeople are visiting houses door to door claiming to be council employees in an attempt to entice people to switch their internet providers for free broadband.

Councillor Craig Collingswood, cabinet member for environment and climate change at City of Wolverhampton Council, said: "Residents should note that we do not provide any service of this kind. 

“Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy and some people will take advantage of others if they feel there is money to be made. Scams come in many different guises; before agreeing to an offer, give yourself time to think about it and have a chat with family, neighbours or friends.

“Most of all, if something doesn’t seem right, then follow your instincts and remember that you can politely say ‘No, thank you, and shut the door.”

Avoid being scammed by following these tips:

  • Always ask for ID 
  • Never hand over banking or financial information on the spot
  • Do research into the product they are offering, ask for written material such as leaflets or brochures
  • The salesperson may be pushy about limited time offers but this is a common tactic so do not feel pressured into a decision
  • If you believe you have been scammed or are not comfortable with what you have signed up to, contact your bank and they can assist you further
  • If you are not happy or just uncertain, politely close the door.

If you have encountered these doorstop sellers or have any further questions, please contact Wolverhampton Trading Standards through our partners at Citizens Advice Consumer Service by calling 0808 223 1133 or by email to