City of Wolverhampton Council is working with the Barclays Digital Eagles to support a digital inclusion campaign with residents.

The collaboration with the Barclays Digital Eagles utilises their free online learning platform, Barclays Digital Wings, and their Digital Champions training sessions.  

The Barclays Digital Wings platform is free to use and provides essential digital skills training, such as using a variety of devices, how to communicate online, and using digital alternatives for managing your finances.  

Volunteers are also being called for to receive training, resources, and support to become Digital Champions and help fellow city residents develop their digital skills.

The training consists of a six-step programme, supporting people to become more confident in using devices by supporting others.  

For more information visit Transform lives with technology: Become a Digital Champion today (

Councillor Obaida Ahmed, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for Resources and Digital, said: “City of Wolverhampton Council recognises the importance of digital and has an ambition for 100 per cent of its residents to be digitally included. 

“Digital is the primary means of connection and access to essential services through devices, connectivity and digital skills. It is crucial for economic resilience and growth as it provides a gateway to jobs, progression, social inclusion and cohesion. 

“By becoming a Barclays Digital Champion you will help others within your community and support the city’s digital inclusion commitment.

“Digital inclusion is fundamental, not a ‘nice to have’ – that is why we have ensured it is an integral part of the city’s digital strategy.”

To find out more about the network of digital support available in Wolverhampton visit Digital Wolves.