A joint winner of this year's Wolverhampton Young Citizen of the Year has been congratulated on her success by her local MP.

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Wolverhampton North East MP Emma Reynolds wrote to 15 year old Millie Betteridge to commend her for winning the award last month.

Millie was nominated for her hard work with Wolverhampton's Youth Council on the 'Make Your Mark' vote - ensuring that young people's voices and opinions from across the city are heard. She also played a key role in the design of a commissioning model for school nurses and is a serving Youth MP.

Emma wrote: "I wanted to congratulate you on being awarded the Young Citizen of the Year. This is a wonderful achievement and I'm sure both you and your family are extremely proud.

"I'm sure your experience as a Youth MP and of the Youth Council will give you lots of ideas about how to raise the profile of citizenship and how to encourage others to be good representatives for their area.

"Once again, many congratulations and I very much hope to be able to meet up with you soon."

Emma went on to invite Millie to do work experience with her or shadow her for the day to find out what it is like to be a Member of Parliament.

Councillor Paul Sweet, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: "The award shows the positive impact that young people like Millie are having on our city.

"It is fantastic that Millie's local MP has recognised the work she is doing in her community and across the city - she has an exciting future ahead of her."

Speaking upon winning the award, Millie said: "I want to take this opportunity and utilise it to continue my work with the Youth Council - I am hoping that I can visit primary schools and encourage younger children to also have their say on issues that matter."

Millie was named Wolverhampton Young Citizen of the Year alongside 17 year old Taranveer Khangura, who was nominated for her fundraising efforts for charity and working to reduce cultural prejudice in her local community.

The Young Citizen of the Year award is organised by the Rotary Clubs of Wolverhampton and seeks to celebrate the achievements and contributions of young people to the city.

  • released: Wednesday 22 August, 2018